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This was one of my first raw foods recipes, and it’s still a favorite of mine. As long as I can find raw macadamia nuts, this also tends to be a staple recipe for me, although that will go out the window when money is tight because, alas, those macadamias aren’t cheap.

My original recipe for this is for a single, filling meal (less can be used, of course). So below are the measurements for a larger quantity (X 8), as shown.

One thing: the quality of vanilla used does matter. I always made it with a wonderful Tahitian vanilla I would get at Whole Foods, or a Mexican vanilla a friend had gifted me. The recipe was always fabulous. But right now I have an organic vanilla that isn’t as aromatic as I’m used to, and the recipe suffers, in my opinion.

Also: I prefer this on the saltier side. Brings out the sweetness of the fruit, and I don’t care for overly sweet things. When I’m jacking up the raw, I’m always craving more savory. A good quality undemineralized salt (like Himalayan Crystal salt) works wonders for me here. I’ve included a more conservative measurement below; I use more.

How do use this? Make it, store it in the fridge in a glass container, and crumble onto fresh fruit, then pour over some fresh almond milk (or any other favorite nut or seed mix, or any combo — almond, pumpkin seed, pecan, walnut, hazelnut, cashew or hemp seed).

Flavored nut milks are delicious with the fruit as well — consider adding the following: rose water, orange blossom water, lemon oil, raw cacao, or cinnamon and/or nutmeg. Also, turmeric powder, cold-pressed coconut oil, ginger, galangal, or cayenne can contribute some additional health benefits.


Vanilla, Macadamia and Hempseed Fruit Topping

Large Batch (8 filling servings)
  • 2 cups raw macadamia nuts
  • scant 1/4 cup raw honey
  • 1/8 (or more) quality natural salt, such as Himalayan Crystal salt
  • 1 cup hemp seeds
  • 1 teaspoon quality vanilla extract

Combine in food processor until the macadamias are broken down but still chunky. Over-combining will give a rather “tahini”-like flavor to this. I prefer the vanilla flavor to come through.

Single serving recipe:
  • 1/4 cup raw macadamia nuts
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey
  • dash quality natural salt
  • 2 tablespoons hemp seeds
  • 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine as above, but because this is a much smaller amount, you will need mini food processor to do it. Or, just chop the macadamias up manually and mix by hand.

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This is unspeakable delicious and mouth-filling with flavor, with a creamy, savory dressing not unlike a true Caesar. The ingredients list is very different, though the concept is similar.

It’s all raw, all vegan, and much quicker & easier than the original Caesar!

One batch serves one, satisfyingly.

The Best Raw Vegan “Caesar Salad” Ever… and Crazy-Delicious, For ANY Caesar-Lover

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02 Jun, 2012

Popular Recipe: Fresh Corn Pate

Posted by: Angela Leeds In: *FREE RECIPES*

This is another reader favorite, and one of my own faves because it’s so hearty & satisfying. It’s the savory, rib-sticking recipes I tend to love the best, and this is something you can make and enjoy as part of a delicious dinner, or serve to guests and nibble on with raw crisps or organic tortilla chips.

If you’re intending on sharing, though, make a double (or triple) batch, because it goes down easily!

We’re getting into corn season so be sure to bookmark this one for when the first batch of sweet organic corn hits your market!

Fresh Corn Pate… Goes Brilliantly With Mushrooms, Chips, and Chopped Salads

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I have received numerous emails over the last couple years from readers who claim “this recipe changed my life” or “was a life-saver” because of it’s delicious meaty flavor, so removed it from the members-only section and have made it public for everyone.

It really is delicious. Invokes the taste of “steak”, oddly enough. And there are so many ways you can enjoy it, I’ve never known what to call it.

Would be great to serve on the side, or as a filler for a raw taco or “rawish” sandwich… and it makes a wonderful dip to nibble healthfully on, or as a light supper!

Mushroom…”Salsa”, “Dip”, “Tapenade”, “Meat Substitute”… Tell me what to call this versatile dish!

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Only 1 Weight Watchers point, it’s filling, beautiful and filled with flavor!

And bet you never considered a mango-broccoli combination. :)

For variety, red pepper instead of (or in addition to) tomato would be a great combo!

Low-Fat, High-Protein Mango-Broccoli Salad… Great For Weight Watchers!

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Finally…an easy-to-remember web address that you can tell people about without having to say “Live-Hyphen-Green-Hyphen-Smoothie-Hyphen-Diet”! Even I have trouble with that one. Instead, it’s simply:

Truth be told, I had previously owned this domain, but accidentally let it expire, and someone snapped it up and wouldn’t give it back, the rascal!

But they must’ve realized they weren’t exactly sitting on a gold mine, and let it go. :)

Thank goodness.

MUCH easier address to share with people!

The address still points to my primary site,, which when I created the site all SEO advisors assured me was better. Don’t know if that fact remains true, but for the time being, since I’d have to overhaul each and every one of my WordPress posts to switch over to the new hyphen-less address, I’ve just got the new domain pointing here.

The promise of good things to come is my hope. :)

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This is a repost of a favorite recipe. And still one of the prettiest smoothies ever. How could this not be great for your vitality, I ask! :)

It’s getting to be watermelon & porch-sitting season soon, so whip up a batch and invite your neighbors over. It’s sure to be a good conversation-starter. Be sure to tip them off that Goji Berries are prized in China for their health-enhancing properties…and that watermelon might help out in the Viagra area. :)

“Rejuvenator” Watermelon-Goji Berry Smoothie and Raw Cocktail

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(This has been such a popular recipe, and remains my favorite raw cocktail, so I’ve removed it from the members-only section and have made it public for everyone.)

This is a re-post of one of my favorite recipes…and still simply the best Lemon Drop Martini on the planet.

It’s the chlorophyll in the freshly juiced parsley and the whole organic lemon that’s juiced — peel and all — that makes this so special. Nothing mixed or pre-made… just live-live-live-alive and filled with flavor!

It’s the way I wish I could order one up when I’m out on the town…

The “Live Green” Lemon Drop Martini – Simply The Best Lemon-Drop Martini I’ve Ever Had

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This is still one of my faves! It’s chocolate with a KA-POW!!! flavor, intense and spicy (made with cayenne). Most of the “best” brand names of dark chocolate taste like plastic compared to this…

Hope you enjoy. :)

The Best Dark Chocolate You Ever Had… Made With Raw Cacao!

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There was so much interest in this recipe, from readers who wanted to jack up the amount of broccoli in their diet, that I brought this recipe out of the members-only area and have made it public for everyone. Am re-posting for my most recently joining readers. :)

Creamy Vanilla Shake with…Broccoli! Delicious High-Protein, Cancer-Fighting Smoothie

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  • Angela Leeds: Hi Chris, There isn't a substitute for cacao butter because it has a distinct flavor and cools to a very hard texture. It can be hard to find locally
  • Angela Leeds: Hi Maggie -- The goji berries I have used are all dried, like raisins, but I know people who grow them and harvest them fresh! They are very hardy and
  • Angela Leeds: Hi Sharon -- wow, that's great to hear! I know, it can be discouraging out there with so many high-maintenance "raw" recipes. I write the recipes for

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